Hello and welcome to the blog of Fahad Al Rajaan on the subject of golf.


As a keen golfer and follower of golfing events, Fahad Al Rajaan has established this blog in order to share some of the knowledge of the game that he has built up over the years, and to create a news platform for upcoming events. There will be a variety of posts offering hints and tips on how to improve your own golf game, updates on the PGA Tour and other significant global golfing events and competitions, and information about some of the biggest names in the game currently and historically.


Within these pages you can expect to find a number of posts focusing on improving various aspects of your golf game, no matter what your current level of skill or handicap. There will be advice on improving your swing and learning how to putt like a pro, tips on developing an efficient practice regime, and analysis of the best exercises to complement your golf game and improve your stamina, hand-eye coordination and more.


You can also find articles about how to improve your mental game and train your brain to work for you on the course, as well as a series of short lessons on aspects of golf such as increasing power, bettering your short game and hitting the green more accurately. Fahad Al Rajaan will post advice on how to source the right golfing equipment for you, including accurate descriptions of the different types of clubs and what they are used for, and tips on choosing the right ball design for your particular style of play.


This blog will also provide an overview of all the latest golfing news, including posts on upcoming events as well as reviews of past events. There will also be player reviews and statistics, focusing on some of the biggest names from golfing history and exploring different styles of play and why they work. A full calendar of PGA Tour dates will be provided to ensure you never miss a game, along with details of the location of each event and where to go to purchase tickets to see the games live.

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