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Fahad Al Rajaan


Fahad Al Rajaan is a prominent Kuwaiti businessman and Director General of the PIFSS (Public Institute for Social Security), a position he has held since 1984. Within this role he maintains responsibility for the distribution of revenues from oil reserves to Kuwaiti citizens. Fahad Al Rajaan also holds a number of further directorships, chairmanships and board memberships with a strong focus on financial institutions in Bahrain, Kuwait, the UK and the US.


Fahad Al Rajaan is Chairman of the Ahli United Bank, the largest lender by market in Bahrain, formerly known as the United Bank of Kuwait. This role, along with his other prominent business interests, led to him becoming recognised as one of the top 500 most powerful Arabs in the world.


He holds a BA in Business Administration, completed at American University in Washington DC in 1974, and first began his career as Manager of the Issues Department of the Kuwait Investment Company before moving on to his first chairman and managing director position at Kuwait Real Estate Investment Consortium. He lives with his wife, with whom he has four children.