Frequently Asked Questions

Golf is all about continuous improvement, and even at the very top of the game players are always working towards being more accurate, gaining more power and experimenting with new styles of play in practice time. On this page are provided some answers to those questions most frequently asked by amateur players seeking to improve their game and decrease their handicap.


What equipment do I need to play golf?

A basic set of equipment includes balls, tees, clubs and a golfing bag to carry these around in. Players are allowed up to 14 clubs on the course at any one time, made up of a selection of woods, irons and putters. Most golf courses will have some equipment to hire for beginners to experiment with before purchasing their own.


Do golf courses have dress codes?

There are many municipal golf courses that do not have a dress code at all, but there are just as many that do. As a rule of thumb, the higher the green fees the more likely it is that there will be a strict dress code policy in place. Check before you go to see what the particular rules are for your chosen course. A collared polo shirt and trousers or shorts (not denim) should get you into all but the strictest upmarket courses.


Any quick tips to improve putting?

One of the biggest mistakes new golfers make when putting is focusing too hard on the ball and not enough on the target line. To practise, place a tee in the ground a few inches away from the ball in the target line and concentrate on taking the shot while focusing on that point without even looking at the ball. When lining up the shot, picture the ball going in on the higher side of the hole rather than dead centre and use the left hand (or right hand if left-handed) as a directional guide.


What equates to a good score for a beginner?

NGF surveys have recorded that out of all golfers, 45% will average more than 100 strokes per round. Anything less than 100 is a good score for a beginner. Aim to decrease your score gradually by working out where you have gained the most points and practising those shots that get you over the sticky patches.