Golf: Types of Stroke

Golf: Types of Stroke

Following on from last week’s post on golf mechanics, here we take a look with amateur golfer Fahad Al-Rajaan at the different types of golf strokes, namely the pitch, the chip and the putt.

The Pitch

The pitch stroke is typically played with a pitching wedge, sand wedge or utility wedge, specially designed to strike the ball high from a short distance, typically 40-50 yards or closer.

The Chip

The chip stroke is adopted for short range shots, generally under 40 yards around the green. Any club may be used, though there are specialist chippers on the market, with wedges and short irons the most common. The aim of a chip is to get the ball to land safely on the green and let it roll towards the hole.

The Putt

Putts are used for tapping the ball closer to or into the hole from the green or its fringe. A special putter club is often used by players. They adjust their putt to fit environmental factors such as the slope of the green and distance to the hole. The face of the putter starts square in line with the target. The club is swung back and forth in a straight line like a pendulum. Many golfers adopt the tactic of aiming to hit the ball 10% past the hole. Others look at the hole when putting instead of the ball.